Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two FO's!

I finally got the hoodie for the babe sewn together, and all loose ends woven in, yay! :) It's amazing how long such a small project can take.. I just got a bit lazy in the end, I guess. Plus I strongly dislike seaming, as I might have mentioned before. :) And I had a bit of a problem with running out of yarn and having to figure out what to use instead If I'd have realized sooner that I didn't have enough of either yarn, I would have made the whole cardi striped.. Oh well, I think it's cute as is. :) And the babe doesn't seem to mind.
The white-green-pink is one of the first yarns that I dyed with Kool-Aid, must be way over a year since then. :) How quickly time flies by. I had planned on making socks with the yarn, but ended up making this instead, and I'm happy I did.
Here's one more pic, from the back this time.
Pattern: Lapsen hupputakki by Minna Metsänen, Novita Syksy 2009 (ravel it)
Yarn: Hand dyed 7 veljestä by Novita, Cascade 220
Size: 86cm

And the sneak peek.. Was this:
A wrap-over tunic-type-thingie. I modified the tunic I made for the babe, and made it into a wrap-over. I have a thing for wrap-overs lately, I wonder where that has come from? I totally love the fabric I used for the bodice, no surprise there, I also have a thing for skulls. :) I was going to sew short sleeves on this, but since the two different greens of the fabrics don't really match, I thought it would be better to leave it sleeveless after all. The next one will have sleeves. :) But apparently you can very well climb and go about your business in this tunic, and that's important in kiddie clothes.
Yes, the babe has learned how to climb up on chairs, and she has a bunch of bruises to prove it too. :( But this is how pleased she is when she has conqured that chair
Pattern: very modified Muru-tunika from Ottobre 1/2009
Fabric: Skulls and Scissors by Michael Miller from yardstick's Etsy-shop
Size: 80cm


  1. Hieno ilme on, kun on päässyt tuolille :) Ihana neuletakki ja mekkokin on kaunis!

  2. villapeikko - kiitosta taas. :) juu, se oli niin tyytyväinen itseensä kun pääs siihen ylös. kääntyminen istumaan olikin sitten vähän hankalampi juttu.

  3. I really like the stripes on the hoodie! It's a very nice jacket! The tunic is very pretty too! :)

  4. Thanks Alexandra! I'm very happy with both of them. :)