Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top/tunic-thingy for the tiny one

I've been making so much for the older girl lately that I thought it would be about time for the smaller one to get something for a change. (oh, and I still haven't made anything for the boy.. can't figure out what to make, must make something soon.) Anyway, I made the tiny one this
I can't quite decide if it's a top, tunic or dress. Maybe a tuntop? Turess? Dressnic? Aaanywaayyyy, I think it's cute, but I do have several improvements to make on the next one. I thought of loads of things to do differently, as I was making this one. Still, it's not bad for a prototype. :)
The froggy fabric is from karaku's Etsy-shop. The green is plain cotton from Eurokangas.

"Mommy, stop taking my picture already!"


  1. Oh how cute! Didn't you make a hat with the frogs too? I love the new words you came up with! :)

  2. Thanks Alexandra! Yes, I did make a hat with frogs too. It's almost unused, as the tiny one refuses to wear anything on her head.

  3. You are on a roll! Love the top/tunic/dress!
    That fabric is adorable!
    I seriously think you have entered the world of design and should offer these lovely creations in your shop!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  4. Michele - thanks again! :) I totally love that fabric, I might just have to get more of it.