Friday, August 21, 2009

Ladybug Kimono for the tiny one

I bought this really cute ladybug fabric sometime last Spring, thinking I might make something for the babe with it. It's been waiting this long for me to actually get around to using it for something. I cut up the fabric for this a couple weeks ago, but (and this I've mentioned before) as I strongly dislike sewing knit fabric, I only now pulled myself together enough to sew it up. And here it is, the finished ladybug kimono
I'm not completely satisfied with the button-thingy fastening, I'll have to see how it behaves when the babe uses it, and maybe think of another fastening system. We'll see.

Sewing this wasn't that bad, the fabric was a bit thicker that the fabric I used for the babe's tunic earlier. So sewing wasn't that annoying. Which is a good thing, because I have a pair of leggings from the same fabric waiting to be sewn. :)

Hmm, that's one interesting looking button..
Ooh, look, that's me in the camera!


  1. You seriously make me grave some cute fabrics. And a sewing machine! I want to make great things too! I think I almost envy your baby because she gets to wear all those lovely things you make her. She's so lucky. You probably sew her a killer wedding dress when she's old enough :D

  2. Amoena - I think I saw some of this ladybug fabric when I was at Eurokangas today. ;) Luckily I don't need to think about wedding dresses for a while yet! :D

  3. The baby is TOO cute, especially in that adorable kimono!!! What a lucky baby she is to have a mommy as creative as you!

  4. Dorothy - thanks! I had this wild idea to make a Fall coat by modifying the kimono pattern a bit.. Making the sleeves long and such.

  5. Love the kimono and the cute babe too! Maybe snaps would work?
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  6. Michele - I actually considered snaps, but decided on the button instead. I might have to reconsider..