Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another skirt for the 5yo

The 5yo saw a skirt in a magazine and told me she wanted me to make it, even picked out the blue polka dot fabric that she wanted me to use for it. Now, I admit that I got a bit lazy and didn't use the pattern from the magazine, I made my own version of it. Ok, I also admit that it doesn't look much like the skirt in the mag, but that doesn't bother me. :) Here's the finished skirt
I had planned on making the waist different than it is now, but that would have made it way too long. And since I didn't want to start cutting the fabric I just made a simple waist instead, using the elastic bands we all know I love so much. :D I also wanted to do something different with the hem, this is what I came up with
Overall I'm pretty happy with this, eventho I didn't have the energy to sew the waist like I had planned. Oh, the fabric is (again) Dumb Dots by Michael Miller, from yardstick's Etsy-shop.

"Look mommy, I can fly!"


  1. Nice! It actually looks like it could double as a dress if she hiked it up and it had removable straps.

  2. Theresa - well darn, why didn't I think of that? She tried it on, and it could actually work as a dress/top too. :)

  3. Love it, and the cute model too!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  4. Again, thanks Michele! She actually wore the skirt to a b-day party today, whee! :)