Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aah, much better now

So I redid the armholes and made the straps much thinner than they were. I also undid the seams on the sides and added strips of fabric on both sides, to make the top a bit wider. And now the fit is so much better. :)
As usual the tiny one didn't want to cooperate with me when I tried to take pics of her, but these were half-way decent. :) And in the next pic you can also see what we've been watching on TV today. :D
The color is a bit off in these photos, the green is somewhat darker and brighter than it looks. The stripey fabric is Clown Stripes by Michael Miller, the butterfly fabric is Sunshine Serenade by Julie Popa for Exclusively Quilters. Both from Spice Berry Cottage. Have I ever happened to mention that I love these bundles where you get a bunch of fabrics that match? Love, love, love 'em!


  1. So pretty! I love the colors! You've made so many beautiful things, how do you make them so fast? ;) I love the skirts you made too!

  2. Thanks Alexandra! The secret of making things fast, is to make things that aren't complicated and take virtually no time at all to sew up. ;) This way I fool people into thinking that I'm very productive and very, very fast. :D