Saturday, August 1, 2009

Surprise, I made another dress!

I wanted to try to modify the swirly dress a bit, leave out the swirly part and make a wrap-over of the bodice. I really had no idea what I was doing, but decided to go ahead and do it anyway. :) So I took the bodice pattern from the swirly dress and modified it so that I got a wrap-over instead, the back I left alone. And I made the skirt a bit slimmer, I really could have made it slimmer still. Oh well, maybe if I make one more of these I'll make some more mods. And another thin I need to remember for the next dress; don't make the bodice with double fabric, because the seams are really bulky in places the way it is now. Other than that I'm really happy with the result. :)
The babe wouldn't look at the camera, she kept looking at the TV, big bro was playing tennis (or something) on the Wii, and that was loads more interesting than posing for the camera. :) She also accessorized with a bottle that matched her dress, that she kept using as a phone. :D
If you look closely, you will notice that there is actually a real phone on the floor, by her feet. :) But the doll bottle was more fun to talk in to. The zipper gave me grief again, at first I sewed it on on the wrong side of the dress, and then it just wouldn't want to go on straight. Pah, zippers. I'll definitely be avoiding zippers for a long time to come.

Pattern: modified swirly dress from Ottobre 3/2007
Fabric: Michael Miller Dumb Dots from yardstick's Etsy shop, the plain blue is leftovers from the older girl's dress
Size : ~80cm

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