Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from the dress factory

Remember the swirly dress I made for the babe? Well, I decided that big sis needs one too, so I made her one. And since she's not a very girly girl, I didn't want to make her one with roses and such. So I chose a plain blue for the inside, and stripes for the outside. (note the cool sunglasses in the following picture)
Very happy with how this one turned out too, altho the zipper in the back still gives me trouble. Just have to keep practicing, I guess. :)
For the next dress I've modified the bodice a bit, and made the skirt a bit less full. We'll see how it turns out, I've already cut up the fabric, with any luck I'll have time to start working on it today.Pattern: Ottobre 3/2007
Size: 116cm


  1. I love the dress! She looks so cute!

  2. Alexandra and Bette's Bags - thanks so much!

  3. would rather love a dress like this myself, and yup, Nina, you do have some very cute kids!

  4. knitso - it seems to be a popular dress among the bigger girls too, not just for kids. :)