Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You should always put elastic bands in childrens clothing

Case in point: the skirt I made for my almost-five-year-old. This one here:
First I made it too tight. Then I made it too loose. And, obviously, then I made it too tight again. And then when I sewed the waist band on, and thought I had finally gotten it right, surprise, surprise, it fell off the girl when she tried it on. Pah, I thought, I'll just sew a button on so that you can make it tighter and then looser when she grows. That didn't work. So I took it in on both sides, and now it stays up. I did it by hand, so that I can easily take out the stitches and the skirt can "grow with her". It'll probably still fit her ten years from now. So, like I said, you should always put elastic bands in kiddie clothes. Especially when you've got skinny kids, like I do.

And here's a pic just to prove that I really did get her to wear it. :)
Pattern: Ottobre 1/2008 (again)
Fabric: Various from Spice Berry Cottage
Size: to fit my 4yo

And in other news, I've been making a raglan for my 7yo. We had a long discussion at the LYS of what yarn I would use for it. He (we) finally decided on gray and white stripes with a yellow spider. I've gotten quite far, only a sleeve and a half to go. And I still have to decide where to place spider.
I've also started on the second pair of Cookie socks, Eunice. Which is barely worth mentioning, because I haven't gotten past the ribbing. But here's a "progress" pic anyway. :)
And no, I still haven't gotten the sleeved seamed on to the hoodie.. Maybe I'll get round to that one of these days.


  1. Busy, Busy!! Love the skirt, your daughter is too cute! I am trying to work up the courage to knit a sweater, it scares me! Any suggestions??
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  2. I love the skirt! The fabrics are so pretty! And your daughter is very cute!
    Love the raglan with the stripes! Big spider or a little spider?
    The green yarn very pretty! Did you dye it yourself?

  3. Michele, I'm going back to work in a couple months, so I have to sew and knit as much as I possibly can until then. And I've really gotten into sewing lately, as it's so much quicker than knitting. I love getting FO's. :)

    Maybe you could start by knitting a child-sized sweater? They're quite easy and don't take that long to knit either. I love these top-dow raglans, because there's no seaming. If you make it in just one color, then you don't even have to worry about changing colors and such. :)

  4. Alexandra, thank you for all your compliments! :)

    I don't think the spider is going to be very big, but not very small either, we'll see what I can come up with. And yes, I did dye the green yarn myself. :)

  5. I think it might be fun to make the spider look like it is crawling down from the neck of the sweater....or if there is a pocket out from the pocket. A little boy might enjoy the creepyness of such a would a Maddog.

    xxxoooxxx Maddogknitting

  6. Maddog - Ooh, I like that, crawling down from the neck thing. There are no pockets. I'll have to consult with the boy himself, he's very picky about his clothes.

  7. Adorable kids, adorable sewings and knittings!
    And I feel your pain, I am a proud owner of a skinny kid myself. I swear suspenders have salvaged my sanity more than a thousand times!

  8. WeirdRockStar - Kiitos! I've got three skinny kids myself, the boy used to wear suspenders all the time when he was younger. Nowadays he uses a belt.