Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blogging from my front porch

We're in the middle of a heat-wave, and I've been knitting warm woolly things. After I saw Tea's version of the Baktus-scarf I knew I had to knit one myself. I wanted to make it small enough to fit my almost-five-year-old. I chose the yarn and started knitting. I started it on the 10th and today I finally cast off. Normally it wouldn't have taken that long to knit, but I've been busy doing other things (like, you know, sewing obsessively..) It was fun to knit, and I loved to see how the colors started pooling and even flashing in places. The yarn is my own hand-dyed, so that made it even more fun for me, as I haven't knit with my own yarn that much. Anyway, here's the finished scarf:
And a pic of the girl wearing it:
The funniest thing about that pic? The girl is wearing her bikini, while modelling a woolly scarf. :D

Pattern: Baktus by Strikkelise
Yarn: my own hand dyed

And now that I've finished this scarf, I'll continue working on the raglan for my boy. Only one sleeve to go!


  1. It's great! I love the yarn! Can't wait to see the raglan!

  2. Thanks, I kinda love the yarn too. :)

    The raglan is almost done, just the ribbing on the second sleeve left. And weaving in the loose ends. Oh, and the spider is still missing too. It would probably take me about an hour to finish it.

  3. Too cute! The scarf and the model! Love that yarn! We are getting reeady for a heat wave too supposed to hit 100 here at weeks end.
    I have left you something on the By Your Side blog, come and get it!