Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wehee, finally finished the raglan!

It took me precisely one month to knit this raglan, ridiculous. I guess I've been working on too many things at the same time. Anyway, now it's finally finished, yellow spider and all. :) And apparently the boy likes it, as he hasn't taken it off after I asked him to try it on. The sleeves ended up a bit to short, but I think I can easily stretch them out after washing. Other than that, it fits him perfectly.
I liked working with the yarn, it was nice and soft, we'll see how well it wears. It was Schoeller+Stahl Pantino, a cotton-acrylic blend. I prefer knitting cotton-blends, as they are usually softer than pure cotton. (of course, this does not apply in all cases, but I still prefer the blends. :) )

The boy wanted (after much discussion at the LYS) a grey and white-striped sweater, with a yellow spider. And that's exactly what he got.
I also wanted to do a little something different from just a plain top-down raglan, so I added an opening to the collar, and sewed on some bright buttons. Just for fun. :)
Pattern: Top Down Raglan Sweater generator by Knitting Fool
Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl Pantino
Size: fits my tall, skinny 7yo perfectly


  1. Pojalla on hyvä värisilmä, hieno pusero!

  2. Kiitos! Poju aina valitsee värinsä itse, en viitsis edes neuloa sille mitään, ellei se ole valinnut värejä itse. :)

  3. Congratulations! It looks great! I love the spider and the buttons :)

  4. Alexandra - thank you! I thought for a moment that maybe the buttons looked a bit girly, but at least they didn't bother the boy.. I think they look cute. :)

  5. Todella kivat yksityiskohdat raitapaidassa, antavat kummasti "sitä jotain"näköä, hyökkäämättä kuitenkaan silmille.

    Tattis kommentistasi, olihan kiva saada jotain valmiiksikin joskus.