Monday, July 13, 2009

I got an idea..

And a few hours later this bag was born.
I went to a "sit&knit" yesterday, and as I ran around the house looking for something to put my knitting in, I started thinking that I could make some kind of small tote bag myself. The idea ripened overnight, and this morning I drew up a "pattern" (really, it's more or less a square on a piece of paper.) Then I decided which fabric I wanted to use and cut up the fabric. And then I got to the fun part - the sewing! A little while later I had myself a lil tote, whee! :)

I originally wanted the bag to be fully reversible, but didn't have time to figure out how to do it. :D It is kinda reversible, as the inside is made of the flowery fabric, but I kinda screwed up the upper part, so the inside looks a bit ugly. Here's a pic of the inside:
One more pic of the bag "in action", ie. stuffed with a few skeins of yarn. :)
The flowery fabric is leftovers from the skirt I made for the 4yo, it's Moda Clementine Pretty Petals, that I got from Spice Berry Cottage. The blue is (again) something I found ages ago in the sales bin at Eurokangas. The "pattern" is my own. :)


  1. Thanks Alexandra, I really like it too. :) It's the perfect size to throw your wallet, phone and keys in. And there's still room for a small knitting project too. :)

  2. I love this bag, it's great! As a beginner seamstress I'm on the look out for easy bags to hone my skills. Will have to add this to the list!

  3. Ellie - thanks! This bag really couldn't be any easier. :)