Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What to do when faced with several tedious hours of sitting in a car?

Hah, not a problem for a knitter! A knitter embraces the possibility of several hours of uninterrupted knitting. All you (well, I) have to do, is find a simple pattern, so that you (me) don't need to follow the pattern all te time, but just knit on, without really thinking about it that much. And I found that pattern! A simple garter stitch kids hoodie, can't get much easier than that. And this is how far I've gotten in two days:
The back is done, and most of one front part. I would have gotten further, but the husband packed my magazine with the pattern in the trunk of the car, so I didn't know when to bind off for the hood. And as I didn't want to knit too far, I decided to switch to knitting something else. And since I had managed to leave my notes for a cardi at home, I started knitting on the Eunice socks. I've managed to knit the first chart once on the first sock! Whee! Yeah, right..

Anyway, this is my progress so far:
Loving it thus far. :) Tomorrow I have just a couple hours of knitting time, and a few hours more on Friday when we drive home. Maybe I'll be able to finish the other front piece.


  1. Lucky you! That's a lot of knitting! I love the colors, very summery! :)

  2. That *is* a lot of knitting. :) We still have 210 km to drive today, so I still have a couple hours knitting time left. Maybe I can finish one sleeve for the hoodie, the body is done. :)