Friday, July 10, 2009

I've been a bit obsessed lately

With sewing. I've been doing an uncharacteristically lot of sewing. I'm so happy my sewing machine and I got over our past disagreements and are getting along just fine nowadays. I made this dress in one evening, started cutting the fabric somewhere after 5 p.m. and was finished by 9.30 p.m. Not bad for an evenings work, is it? ;)

I did make a few mods, I left out the bias tape that you were supposed to sew on to the neckline and armholes, and I notice now that my version is a mirror image of the original, oh well, it doesn't matter. (and apparently the pocket is sewn on a bit crooked..)

Anyhow, the girl loves it, crooked pocket and all. :D Altho when I went to take a pic of her, this is what I got:
See how excited a child can get about having her picture taken! Amazing! Well, in her defence, I did interrupt her right in the middle of the program she was watching, so who wouldn't be annoyed? I did manage to get a slightly better pic too, where you can actually see the dress:
Now that I look at it more, the pocket is really starting to annoy me. I might have to do something about that.

Pattern: Liivimekko Ottobre 1/2009
Size: ~116cm
Fabric: something I found in Eurokangas ages ago :)

I also finally finished the hoodie. And that's about all I have to say about that. I just doesn't fit me at all, makes me look even, ahem, chubbier than I am. But I'm sure I'll wear it anyway, beacuse it's really warm. I think I might have said the same thing about something else before. In this pic you can see really well the difference between the dye lots, it's really obvious.
Pattern: Under the Hoodie, by Kristin Spurkland (ravel it)
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic
Size: XL

{{note to self: I really have to start taking better pictures, I'm getting annoyed with these less-than-good-ones}}


  1. The dress is so cute! You are amazing! 4 hours? :) I really like the hoodie and I think that the different colors are nice! It looks very interesting!

  2. Alexandra - aw, thank you! I was really amazed that I got the dress made so fast. But half of the credit goes to the husband, who let me work on the dress and made dinner and looked after the kids for the evening. :) Altho I did have time to play a board game with the kids inbetween the sewing. :)