Thursday, June 25, 2009

I finished the toe-ups, aka my Stoopid Socks

Well, they're finished. That's about all I can say. Oh, I can also say, with quite a bit of tenacity, that I will neverEVER again do a wrap&turn heel. If I ever end up doing another pair of toe-ups. Another thing I have to say is: I have to make another pair of Noro-striped socks, because these kinda suck. The sock on the left is fine, but the one on the right.. Well, there's not so much striping on the right, more just orange. I did rip back a few rows to get different shades of orange, but it still looks boring. Here's a close-up of the right sock:
Blah, right? But I decided against ripping all of the orange out of the skein, because I was a bit worried about running out of yarn. I wouldn't have, but didn't want to frog the entire sock just because the I didn't like the beginning. Hey, at least the socks are warm, so I'm sure I'll wear them even if I'm not too happy with how they look.

I must also say that I could very well have lived without the baby-poo colored stripes at the heel, not a very attractive color.
But hey, at least they're warm. Wait, did I say that already? I'm just trying to find something nice to say about these socks.. Next I'm definitely using two different skeins, so that I don't get big blocks of the same color somewhere on the sock!


  1. You are cracking me up!! The socks are fine, great in fact!! Bet they keep your tootsies warm!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  2. Aw, thanks Michele. :) Indeed, they do keep my tootsies warm!

  3. I really like them! Beautiful colors. The left one has orange on the ribbing, the colors on the two socks are reversed! And they look very warm ;)

  4. Alexandra, the reverse color flow is actually quite cool. And they're very, very warm. :D