Saturday, June 20, 2009

There's something fishy going on.

I've been sewing. (no, that's not the fishy part.) I wanted to make the babe a pair of capri-length pants, you know, since it's Summer and all. So I looked up a cute pattern in a magazine I had, did everything I needed to do and started sewing. (still nothing fishy..) I had sewed all the pieces together when I needed to iron the capri's, after which I showed them to the husband. (now we're getting to the fishy part) He took one look at the pants and said: They look kinda big. Huh, what? Big? But I made them to be a size 80cm (the babe is about 71cm, so I expected the pants to be a bit big on her), they can't be big.

At this point I stopped and took a better look at what I was making. And yes, I realized that the pants I was holding looked a bit big. Actually, they looked very big, much too big to fit the babe. And as you can see, they are big, so big in fact that they fit my almost-five-year-old just fine. Actually, they're even a bit big on her.

What I still don't get is how they can be so huge. I'm sure I have the right size and the right seam allowance, I really have no idea what went wrong. Oh well, you can't get it right every time. :) And at least DD#1 can wear the capri's.

Pattern: Ottobre 1/2008
Fabric: an old pair of jeans


  1. TOO CUTE!! The daughter and the Capri's!
    I am sure it isn't you, if pattern sizes there run like they do here in the states! I am not sure even after years how the heck they size things!!!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  2. I haven't had problems with sizes before, and I have made a few of the Ottobre patterns before this. Very strange. It'll be interesting to see how big the top will be that I'm making next..

  3. Ite olen huomannut että Ottobressä on isot mallit, aina on pitänyt ottaa numeroa pienempi että olisi edes sillä seinällä.

  4. Soile: mä olen tehny muutaman vaatteen Ottobren kaavoilla aikaisemmin ja ne on ollu ihan sopivia, mutta nyt meni kyllä mettään ja komeesti. :D Mä epäilen että toi toppi mitä oon tekemässä tulee kans olemaan sopiva tuolle vanhemmalle tytärlapselle, vaikka sekin on 80-senttisten kaavojen mukaan tehty. No, kaikkee sitä oppii kun vanhaks elää. :)