Friday, June 5, 2009

Confection shrug and a very uncooperative model

Sheesh, just how difficult can it be to take a decent photo of a one-year-old? Not as easy as you might think.. This is the best pic I got, she just would not cooperate with me, kept crawling around and refused to sit still for a second. Which, actually is quite unusual for her, usually she loves to have her picture taken. But no, not this time. Oh well..

Anyways, the specs:
Pattern: Confection Baby Shrug by The Shizknit
Yarn: Novita Cannes
Size: 12mo
Needles: 5mm

This was such a quick knit, I cast on on Wednesday and cast off today. I had to make some mods, as I realized that I would run out of yarn. The back is two rows shorter that it's supposed to be, and the ribbing is just one row when it should be four rows. But since I really didn't want to have to buy yet another skein, I decided to make it a bit shorter, I figured that the babe wouldn't know the difference. :)

And here we have two examples of how most of my photos looked..

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