Saturday, June 26, 2010

Move along, nothing crafty to see here..

Somebody hasn't had the energy to do much crafting of any kind lately, so I really don't have anything new to show you. Apparently somebody has been crazy lazy since our Summer vacation started. I'm hoping that somebody will get over it soon, I mean, for how long can you sit around doing nothing? Hopefully not for long. I did, however, crochet three hexagons for my blanket today, so now I have a total of twelve of them. Whee! (Umm, not.)

I also did start working on a jacket for myself, I have the front and back pieces sewn together, including the pockets. I spent the longest time trying to figure out exactly how the pockets were supposed to be sewn, and just couldn't wrap my head around it. Luckily there were some wonderfully helpful people over on Raverly who were kind enough to help me out. :) So that part's done. Next I need to sew up the sleeves and the hood, and start working on the lining. I'm hoping I'll have the jacket done by, say, August. :)

Oh, I do have a little announcement too. No, I'm still not pregnant. :P It just so happens that we just bought a house. :O So if you don't hear from me for a while, it might just be because I've drowned in all the junk that we need to pack up. I'm dreading having to pack all the crap we've accumulated over the years, good grief. We haven't exactly been planning on moving, it just kinda happened. The husband saw a kinda nice house in the paper on Sunday, we went to see it on Tuesday, thought about it for a couple days and called the realtor on Thursday. Went to see the house again on Sunday, and made a bid on it. The owners came back with a new bid (sorry, I don't know all the terms..), so we made a new bid, which was accepted. :) So now we have to try to sell our own house, so that we can actually pay for the house that we bought and can move in. I'm so excited! The realtor came to see our house on Thursday, and told us that it shouldn't be any kind of problem getting this house sold. Yay! So that's my little bit of news for you. :)

And so that I don't have to make this post without any pictures at all, I'll show you a couple photos I took out in the yard yesterday. :)

Ps. Because of our upcoming move, I've reduced the prices on all items in my shop, even the shipping costs have been reduced. ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shortest blog post ever.

So I made a dress. And it's kinda cute. And the tiny person looks adorable in it. And, umm.. huh.. apparently I don't have anything else to say about it. So here are a few pics, so that you can see for yourself. :) Oh, I also cut her hair short, and I think she looks very cute in it. But I might be just a wee bit biased. ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010

I finished it, it's done, ready I say, ready!

It's thoroughly embarrassing how long it took me to sew this skirt, but now it's finished! Whee! And I love it, I've actually worn it today, and that's saying a lot, I'm not really a skirt type person. But hey, it's summer, you're supposed to wear skirts, right? I'm already planning my next one.. And a dress, I have the pattern drawn up for the dress, just have to wait to get the fabric. Aaanyway, here's the finished skirt (please pretend that you can't see the drainpipe-thingy behind me, ok?)
Did I mention yet that I love this skirt? How fun to have a twirly, swirly skirt, I feel so girly in it. :) The only thing I regret is that I made the back piece plain black, it looks kinda boring.. Oh well, I love it anyway. I omitted the waist-flap-thingy that the original skirt had (that you can see over here), because nobody would ever have seen it, I never ever wear my shirts tucked into my skirts or pants. It would just have added extra bulk under my shirts. I decided on a plain, thin waistband instead, and I'm glad I did. And I'm totally in love with that sequinned fabric too, it's so pretty! Here's a close-up. Oh, all the sequins are black, eventho some of them look lighter.
I'm so happy! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I started a new project.

I estimate to have it finished by Christmas. Of 2015. What kind of project is it, you ask? I'll tell you. I started making a crocheted hexagon blanket. With my current rate of crocheted hexagons, I do believe that it will take me at least five years to have enough of them to make a blanket. I started this project on Friday, and have made three and a half so far. That should tell you something about the speed I'm working at. Hah. Anyway, I'm only using one color at a time, this is my first color.
I'll keep you posted on my progress. :)

Oh, I just have to tell you that my lil darling turned two today, she's such a big girl already (she's still my baby tho..)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

School's out for the Summer!

And I have a new skirt! Too bad I have to wait about six months to be able to wear it, my new wool skirt might be just a tad too warm to wear in the summer months. When I have time (and after I've finished the other skirt) I'll make a summer skirt with the same pattern. Because I think this one turned out pretty good. See
The fabric was quite challenging to work with, especially as it's bias cut. But I ended up as the winner in the end, and ended up with this skirt. I also had a huge problem with the skirt being waaay too big, I had to remove 20cm (about 8 inches!!!!!) from the circumference, before it fir me. I still haven't quite figured out exactly where the problem was, all my measurements were right, my pattern was right, but still the thing was enormous on me. But after removing all the excess fabric, it now fits me like a glove. :) All that hard work finally paid off, wahoo!
Oh, the first photo shows the correct color. The skirt is kinda bright. ;)

And before I forget, my proficiency test-thingamagee, I passed. On a grade scale of one to three, I got a three. Me very happy. :)

Happy Summer!