Thursday, June 3, 2010

School's out for the Summer!

And I have a new skirt! Too bad I have to wait about six months to be able to wear it, my new wool skirt might be just a tad too warm to wear in the summer months. When I have time (and after I've finished the other skirt) I'll make a summer skirt with the same pattern. Because I think this one turned out pretty good. See
The fabric was quite challenging to work with, especially as it's bias cut. But I ended up as the winner in the end, and ended up with this skirt. I also had a huge problem with the skirt being waaay too big, I had to remove 20cm (about 8 inches!!!!!) from the circumference, before it fir me. I still haven't quite figured out exactly where the problem was, all my measurements were right, my pattern was right, but still the thing was enormous on me. But after removing all the excess fabric, it now fits me like a glove. :) All that hard work finally paid off, wahoo!
Oh, the first photo shows the correct color. The skirt is kinda bright. ;)

And before I forget, my proficiency test-thingamagee, I passed. On a grade scale of one to three, I got a three. Me very happy. :)

Happy Summer!


  1. Kaunis! Hyvää ansaittua kesälomaa :)

  2. Well done on passing your proficiency test-thingamagee. Love the skirt. The colours are great.

  3. Well done on your test! I love the skirt too.

  4. I love the skirt! It fits perfectly! Great colors too :) And congratulations on the test!

  5. That skirt looks store-bought; very professional!

  6. Toi hame on mahtava!! jaihanaa kun se stemmaa ne ruudut/viivat! =)
    meilla on viela koulua keskiviikkoon... sit jannataan yo kirjoituksia ja yliopisto tentteja (ekat)

  7. villapeikko - kiitos! Ja no, lomaa ja lomaa, hengailen täällä kotona kolmen lapsen kanssa koko kesän, joten hermot ei ainakaan lomaile. :)

    Where the nodding violets grow - thank you! I absolutely love the colors in that skirt, so bright and cheerful. :) (And I'm not usually a bright and cheerful person..)

    Hippy Goodwife - thank you muchly! :)

    Alexandra - getting it to fit me was such a struggle, I'm so happy that I stuck with it! Thanks! :)

    Amybel - I agree, yay! :)

    Theresa - thank you! :)

    Tea - arvaa vaan mikä mittailu siinä oli että sai ne ruudut menemään edes jotenkuten niin kun piti. Hirveesti jäi hukkakangasta kun piti leikata ne palat just oikeesta kohdasta ja sit sinne jäi semmoisia suikaleita väliin. Onneks oli pari metriä sitä kangasta. :) Tsemppiä vikoihin koulupäiviin sinne! :)

    hillanen - kiitos, kiitos! :)

  8. The skirt is absolutely fabulous! Congratulations on your wonderful grades!