Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My first award!

I got my first award, yay! Thank you so much Alexandra! I read so many wonderful blogs that I couldn't possibly choose just 15 of them, I love all of you. <3 So I would like to give this award to all the lovely blogs out there, and especially to all my readers, who all have wonderful blogs of their own.

I've been knitting too, but don't have anything finished to show off. I still need to attach the sleeves to the hoodie and fasten all the loose ends. The rest of the seaming is done and I even grafted the hood yesterday! So basically it would take me less than an hour to finish the thing.. Maybe I'll get it done today. And I have about 30 rows or so left to knit on my socks, so I'm hoping to finish them today, shouldn't take too long to knit. So next time, I should have something finished to show you. :)