Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chapter 20 - Where we learn of the difficulties of getting a 1-year-old to sit still

So I made a hat. And all I really wanted after that, was to take a pic of the babe wearing it. Which (again) proved to be quite difficult because

a) she refused to sit still and

b) she kept taking the hat off

So I just kept getting pics like this.
And pics like this
Which is not what I wanted. I did manage to get a couple almost decent ones, these I'm quite happy with. :) (please pretend that you don't see the mess in the background)

Pattern: Lierihattu from Ottobre (free pattern)
Fabric: Japanese fabric from Karaku's Etsy-shop
Size: to fit my one-year-old


  1. Todellakin. Ikiliikkuja se on.. :)

  2. That hat is so sweet. I recognize the dots :)

  3. Melissa - I thought you might recognize them. :)

  4. Mess? What mess!
    Love the hat, but love the babe even better! What a Cutie Patootie!!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  5. Very cute hat! The baby is adorable!

  6. Michele - no mess, none whatsoever. :) I love the babe even better too. :)

    Alexandra - thank you! :)

  7. She's a cutie pie. And so is the hat!!

  8. Thanks Angie! Nice to "see" you here. :)