Friday, August 28, 2009

Lil Miss Blueberrymouth (and a pair of socks)

Oh the joy of eating blueberries all by yourself!
Oh, right, the socks. Well, Fall is upon us (yay!) and it's rubberboot season for the kiddies. We don't have any tiny woolie socks, so I knit up a pair for the tiny one. The yarn is some Kool-Aid dyed yarn from ages ago. This "normal" heel really doesn't fit a tiny foot, I'll have to make another pair, trying out some other kind of heel. Besides, these socks ended up a bit on the small side, so she'll outgrow them by Winter anyway. These are a warm-up for this years Sukkasato (Sock Harvest, only in Finnish), that I'm participating in for the first time.


  1. Oh, but they are so adorable on those chubby calves :)

  2. Amybel - hehe, I know, *anything* looks adorable on those chubby calves. :)