Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm officially in love with Amy Butler

Well, at least Amy Butler-fabric. I bought this fabric ages ago, because I saw it on some blog and just fell in love with it.
It has been sitting in a box, patiently waiting for me to think of something to use it for. And now I finally came up with something, I made a peasant-style blouse for the tiny one. Unfortunately I didn't have enough to make the sleeves with the same fabric like I had planned (I had already cut up fabric for a skirt before this blouse), so the sleeves are made with polka dot fabric. And I must say, I think the tiny one looks so cute in this. :)
I had to make daddy hold her, because she wasn't in the mood to pose for me (again). I've made a couple of these peasant blouses for the bigger girl, but didn't have the pattern in a smaller size. So I drew up a pattern. The first try ended up waaay too big, I could have fit three tiny ones in there, so I had to cut away some (=quite a lot of) fabric to make it a bit less wide.

In these followin pics you can almost see the sleeve fabric too.

You'll see more of this combo, as I have a skirt waiting to be sewn up, using these fabrics together. :) Oh, and I definitely need more of this fabric, too bad it seems to be very hard to get hold of these days.


  1. WAY TOO CUTE!! The blouse and the wee one!
    I too love Amy Butler fabric! You need to checkout my friend Glenna'a blog at:
    She also has a shop at:
    I don't know how much international shipping would be but Glenna has the best prices I have found here in the states for Amy fabric and she is a wonderful woman too! If you visit her tell her I sent you.

  2. Melissa - Amy Butler rocks! :)

    Michele - thanks! I'll have to go check out the blog and shop. :)