Monday, August 31, 2009

I have a thing for owls

Aka, the second raglan dress. I saw this adorable owl-fabric (by Amy Schimler) on fabricworms Etsy-shop and I just had to have it! I must admit that the owls were a lot bigger than I thought they would be, but I'm in love with the fabric nonetheless. So much so that I'll probably need to get more of it. ;) Anyway, I realized that the fabric didn't suit the project I had in mind for it, I had to make something else. So I made another raglan dress. Which is actually more of a tunic, as I didn't make it long enough. I had also planned to make the sleeves long, but now they are more of a 3/4-length. Which I this looks adorable on the tiny one. :)
Yes, it's a very lovely photo, but it's about the only shot I got of the tiny one where you can see the sleeves. :) At this point in time my lil darlin' is mad at me for not going out to the sandbox with her. See, she's a little drama queen. :D
The fabric I used for the sleeves is Tone on tone floral by Riley Blake, also from fabricworm. I tried shirring for the first time ever on this project, which is something my sewing machine didn't much like. I still think it turned out quite nice, eventho I never got round to reading the shirring tutorial I was going to read before trying it out. Here you can see the shirring
And a cutesy-pic (or two) with big bro

note to self: always make the babe pose with big bro, that way she'll stay still for a moment. I have a feeling you'll be seeing much more of the boy from now on. :) One more pic (well, ok, two), just because I think these were so cute.

Oh, btw, I'm also knitting a pair of socks for the middle child, I've already knit one sock, need to start the second one today. I'll try to remember taking a pic of the finished sock at some point. :)


  1. That fabric is really adorable! The dress is very cute, I love the things you make!

  2. LOVE the owls! The kids are too cute, as usual!
    Glad big brother just got a scare and is OK, after all you need him to help model!

  3. Thank you Michele! :) Apparently lots of other people have loved the owls too, as I'm not finding any more of that fabric on Etsy. They have the green, but I really want this Aqua. I did find one shop that sells it, but they just ship to the US. :( i just have to keep browsing Etsy every day, and hope I come across it. :)