Saturday, September 5, 2009

First two tops made to sell

After all the encouragement I've been getting left and right about selling my kiddie clothes (even my 5yo's dental hygienist told me that I need to start selling them), I've finally gotten the first two tops ready and listed in my Etsy-shop. Thanks to everybody for your kind words and encouragement! I'll be adding things as I finish them, but as I go back to work next week, I won't have that much time for sewing, but I'll try to make as much stuff I can in the following week and then add things as I have time to make them. :)

Here are the first two "out of the oven" :)
And now I need to go finish the tunic I'm making for the 5yo, so that I can see if it's something I can make to sell too. :)


  1. Thanks Amybel! I'm a bit excited to venture into new territory. :)