Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday is for sewing

I've had a bunch of half-finished items of clothing lying about (and one that was just cut up) that I decided to finish today. Which means that I now have four finished items of clothing lying about. :) And I still have three or four half-finished ones left. Maybe I'll eventually finish those too. But now on to the finished ones. First off a tunic for the 5yo. It's a similar shape to the other one I did, the trick here is in the hem. I made this one so that the hem is longer on the sides than in the middle. This is the best pic I got of it
I think this is a fun shape, a little something different from the usual straight hems. :) Next we have a dress that was supposed to be for sale, but as it has gotten some light spots from the sun, it'll be for the tiny one instead. She'll just have to grow a bit, because it's too big for her now. See, it's huge on her. :) The flowery fabric is by Michael Miller again, it's Beatrice Bloom in Espresso, from fabricworm.
And next, more polka dots, another tiny tunic. This one will be up for sale on Etsy later on today. I think. Maybe.
Last we've got Matryoshka dolls. This one will definitely be up on Etsy later on today. :) The cutesy Japanese Matryoshka fabric is from Karaku.
I'm quite happy with what I've gotten done this Sunday (oh, I've also done four loads of laundry, filled the dishwasher and changed the sheets in four beds), and I think I've earned a nice cup of tea, don't you? :)


  1. WOW! I am just up and you have inspired me to get my rear in gear! Lovely, lovely creations, as usual! I LOVE Michael Miller fabric - I mean LOVE! Well, I better go get to the sewing!!

  2. Yup, I've become a *huge* fan of Michael Miller too. It's always great to hear that I've inspired somebody. :)