Monday, September 7, 2009

It's all in a weekends work

I'm just a tiny bit pleased with what I've done this weekend. I made a tunic, a dress and a pair of socks. And I started a pair of mittens for the tiny one. Ok, so I admit that I didn't knit the entire socks this weekend, but I did finish them yesterday. :) Now if somebody would just sew the seams on the 5yo's Fall jacket that I have lying about, so that I could finally call that an FO too..

Anyway, let's start with the tunic, a polka dot one. I'm test driving this pattern, as I'm thinking of making these to sell too. I think it turned out just fine, I just have to make the fastening at the back better, I was thinking of adding a clasp or something. Here's how it looks now
The color is just about right in this pic, who knew that orange was such a difficult color to photograph? Anyay, here's the whole tunic
My girl-child has a cold, if you're wondering why she's looking a bit pale and tired.

Next on the agenda we have a pairof woolly socks, made with the yarn that the 5yo Kool-Aid dyed a while back. I just love how these turned out, so bright and fun!
Oh, I only just now noticed that the color doesn't look right.. Here's a slightly better pic
And on to the mittens. I haven't made mittens in years, as my older kids refuse to wear them. But now I have the tiny one to make mittens for, yay! :) These look really tiny, but her hand isn't that big either. and white is of course the most practical color to use for a pair of baby mittens.
Last but not least, we have the for sale-stuff. :) As I've mentioned before, every baby should have skulls in their wardrobe, so that's why I made this dress.
Off to list it in my Etsy-shop now. :)


  1. Cool clothes! I wish I could sew, but I don't have the patients needed...

  2. Annina - thanks! I actually never knew that I have the patience either. :)

  3. The mittens will be adorable...and if she starts refusing to wear them, they'll be a cute home decoration for winter months!

  4. Beautiful! I love the dress with the skulls and the tunic looks great!

  5. Theresa - I could use the mittens as a keychain if the tiny one won't wear them. ;)

    Alexandra - thanks! I love the skully dress too. :) If I had enough fabric, I'd make the babe one of those too. And I was very happy with how the tunic turned out, it was the first I made, and I can't think of anything that I want to do differently. :)