Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long time, no blog

It's been a while since my last blog post. I blame it all on going back to working full-time. (Which sucks big-time btw.) I've been able to finish two knitted items tho, a jacket for my 5yo (a huuuge jacket) and a pair of tiny mittens for the babe. The jacket turned out so big that the girl will probably be able to wear it when she starts school in two years. Then again, I did knit it in size 122cm, so no wonder my 111cm tall child drowns in it. But like I've said before, she'll grow into it. :) Anyway, I still thinks it looks quite nice. (and it'll look even better when the girl grows a bit. :D ) I got lazy in the end tho, and skipped the pockets that you were supposed to knit according to the pattern.
I must say tho that I didn't like working with this yarn (Novita Mambo), I found it quite hard to get an even finish. Maybe I should block it, that might help.. The girl liked it, and it should keep her warm for several years to come. :)

Oh, the specs
Pattern: 57. Tytön takki, Novita Syksy 2008 (ravel it)
Size: 122cm
Yarn: Novita Mambo
Needles: 10mm

edited to add another pic of the jacket, the color is right in this one

My second finished item is the mittens I started a while back. I think they're just too cute. :) They fit the tiny one just perfectly, they're actually a tad tight, but at least they stay on well. The photos aren't great, you try to get a photo of a 1yo's hand. :D

Now I need to make another pair that are just a bit bigger. So basically I could use the same yarn, just go up a needlesize. I used 3mm for these, 3,5mm would probably work perfectly to make the mittens just a tiny bit bigger. Besides, little ones need more than one pair of mittens, right? Now that I've made one pair, I can make five more. :)


  1. Mittens are so cute! How cold does it get where you live?

  2. Thanks! It can get to about -30C, (I have no idea what that is in Farenheit) but it rarely gets that cold. If I remember correctly, the coldest we had last Winter was around -20C. Usually it isn't that cold, last Winter we had about -10C for several weeks. It was actually a rather good Winter because it wasn't too cold, but it wasn't slushy either. And there was snow, my kids love snow. :)