Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Something finished, something started

Exactly how long can it take to knit a pair of child-sized, thick socks? Apparently 16 days. (and obviously I can't even count.. If I started these on the 12th and finished them yesterday, on the 29th, that doesn't make 16 days, it makes 17. I shall go sit in the corner and hang my head in shame now.) Yes folks, it took me over two weeks to knit these socks! I'm actually a bit embarrassed about this. In my defence tho, after going back to work, I don't really have much time for anything, and my knitting time is cut down to a minimum. But still, 16 days! (nope, still 17, not 16..) Wow. But now they're finally finished, just in time too, as it's supposed to get a lot chillier soon.

I asked my 7yo to sit on the couch so I could get a pic of his feet, and this is what I got. Obviously the boy isn't that good at getting instructions.. The yarn is something I dyed with Kool-Aid ages ago, the pattern is a normal rib for the cuff and stockinette for the rest.
My something started is a pair of longies for the tiny one. I've knit a whopping two rows on these! Maybe I'll have them finished by Winter. Of 2010. Here's my huge progress
I also have something almost finished. Well, I finished the knitting, now I just have to get the spider in place. And since I didn't have any bright enough green yarn, I had to dye some. So now I'm just waiting for the yarn to dry, so that I can get started on the spider.
Finally, something completely unrelated. Here's what happens when you leave your 1yo alone with some yoghurt, and don't look at what she's doing for a few minutes


  1. Well, it looks like she enjoyed the yogurt!

    Knitters and other crafters should be exempt from work.

  2. The socks are great! And I personally think that a working mom with little ones getting a pair of socks done in 17 days is a magnificent feat! I haven't done tany yet because I keep thinking they will take me forever. Good for you. And don't give up on the longies. The colors are nice and I can't wait to see them (even if it is next year)!

  3. Oops, sorry! I meant "I haven't done ANY yet...". Shame on me :(

  4. Dorothy - she did indeed enjoy the yoghurt, very much! :) Yes, all crafters should be exempt from work! I think there should be a law about this. Ps. I just sent in an application to a "sewing school" today. Here's to hoping I'll get in.

    Amybel - Thanks! Usually a pair of socks doesn't take me this long to make, I have no idea why it did so this time. Maybe I'm just slow.. Well, ok, so I have made two hats in the past week and a half, so that might be the reason. :)

  5. Love the socks!! My toes are so cold this morning I am totally jealous!
    The picture of the babe and the yogurt is priceless! Did she get any in her mouth?

  6. Michele - woolly socks are a nice thing to have on cold mornings. :) And yes, she did actually get some of the yoghurt in her mouth too. :)

  7. That's why I love children, the experiment :) Me and my sister both did it with a permanent marker XD
    Love the socks too, beautyful shade changing.

  8. Artesanity - Kids are great, when they don't want to make you pull all your hair out. I highly recommend having a few. ;) My 5yo has for example drawn on her walls with a red pen and with a black pen on the dining table and all the chairs. Lovely, lovely child.

    I'm thinking of making a knit toy with the sock yarn leftovers. A monster-toy for my godson's Christmas pressie. :)