Sunday, August 2, 2009

Humm, I'm almost ashamed to admit this..

But I made another dress. I've wanted to make the babe a wrap-over dress of some sort, but haven't found a pattern that I like, so I modified the swirly dress (heavily, I might add) and made my own wrap-over. I'm quite happy with it.
Altho I did notice one mistake that I still have to correct, can you find it in the pic? :) It's barely noticable, but if you look closely, you might see it. Oh, and please pretend that you don't notice that it's wet, the babe wore it out on the wet terrace.
Pattern: kinda my own, modified from a couple different patterns
Fabric: Exclusively Quilters fron Spice Berry Cottage's Etsy shop
Size: ~80cm

And just to prove I can sew other stuff too, not just dresses, I've made a tissue cozy for Melissa from The Speckled Pear.
I drew up the "pattern" for it myself, the fabric was requested by Melissa, I bought it on cottonblue's Etsy shop. This is one of those things that I never in a million years would have thought of making, if Melissa hadn't asked me too. I might sew up a few of these and put them up for sale on Etsy, you never know. :)

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