Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Proof that I've been knitting too

It took me long enough to finish this.. I wanted to make this with long sleeves, but the girl told me that she wanted short sleeves, so that's what she got. :) I'm hoping that she'll actually wear this, as she's chosen the yarn for it herself (it's Malabrigo, btw) and I didn't knit long sleeves on it either. But I'll probably have to make her another cardi, with long sleeves, so that she'll have something warm to wear this Winter. Anyway, here's the sleeveless cardi
The hem insists on curling up, I'll probably have to block it to make it play nice. :) Other than that, I'm happy with the result, and so is the girl. Altho she didn't want me to take her pic, she threw herself on the couch and hid her head, in this manner
"No more pictures, mommy!" Oh fine, be that way..


  1. It's beautiful and the color is great. I'm sure she's giggling under there :)

  2. Amybel - thanks! and yes, she's giggling under there. :)

    Theresa - thank you!

  3. Thank you Dorothy! It would seem that she likes it too, as it's one of the few things I've made her lately that she wears!

  4. Way too cute! I have yet to venture into knitting a sweater, it scares me!!
    ~Michele from By Your Side