Sunday, January 3, 2010

First post for the new year :)

First post - first FO. :) Ok, so this is a bit like cheating, because I started this hat last year, but as I finished it this year, it still counts. :) I've had the Odessa hat (rav link) in my Ravelry queue for ages, but only now decided to actually knit it. It was a really quick knit, I knit it in about a week. I was going to add beads, to add a bit of bling to the hat, but apparently I have trouble understanding written text, because it didn't sink into my brain that you were supposed to add the beads to the yarn before casting on. I just figured that I'd use the add-beads-with-crochet-hook-method that I usually use. Until I got to the first beads and realized that it couldn't be done that way. Bugger. So I had to decide between frogging the beginning and adding the beads or just knitting the hat without the beads. And as I'm not a big fan of frogging, I did the latter. And decided to knit another Odessa with beads at some point. The hat is so soft and smoochy I could wear it all the time. :)

Pattern: Odessa hat by Grumperina (ravel it)
Yarn: Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino Wool DK (one skein wasn't quite enough, so I had to knit the last 20 or so rows with another yarn, I used some Gedifra merino, can't remember exactly what it was called..)
Needles: 5mm & 6mm

I also started to knit myself a pair of socks, because I really need new woolly socks, especially with this really cold weather we've been having lately, it's -19C as we speak. Which of course it loads warmer than the -29.9C it was this morning. I knit happily along for several centimeters until I realized that the cuff was going to be way too tight. So, again, I was faced with the decision to frog or not to frog. But, as I just mentioned, frogging sucks, so the socks are now going to become mittens instead. I really need new mittens too, so it's actually a good thing. I can use some other yarn to make the socks. :)
This was originally going to be the Glynis-socks from Cookie A's Sock Innovation, (seen in this post), but after the tiny one pulled out the needles from the beginning of the sock I just never got round to fixing the thing. So in this case, I did frog. :O I really love this color, I wish I could duplicate it. Maybe one of these days I'll try.

I've also been dyeing some new yarn for the shop, but I just can't get my camera to show the colors right, no matter what settings I use. It's driving me mad! I'll only be able to list one new yarn, because the other colors look so wrong. Maybe I can get better pics tomorrow. I hope.


  1. Kaunis pipo!
    Ihana vihreän sävy tossa alemmassa kuvassa!

  2. Kiitti, munkin mielestä ihana pipo! Voi kun saiskin pitää pipoa töissä, mä lykkäisin tuon päähäni joka päivä. :)

    Mä tykkään kans tuosta vihreestä, harvinaisen onnistunut sävy. :)

  3. I'm with you - frogging is no fun! I love that green (in fact, it reminds me of my green sock yarn. Maybe it is?)

  4. Hi Dorothy! {waves} The yarn is quite similar to your green sock yarn, this is just a bit darker and it has some dark blue spots in it, which yours doesn't. :)

  5. Finally figured out how to comment here! As always, love the new work!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Jennifer, nice to "see" you here! :) Happy New Year to you too!

  7. I love the hat! I agree about the no frogging, I try to save things too :) I'd rather knit something twice than frog all my hard work!

    What pattern are you using for the mittens? Is that a slipped stitch design? It looks very pretty :)

  8. Alexandra - I'm not using a pattern for the mittens, I'm just slipping every fifth stitch on every second row. :)

  9. Tosi kaunis vihreä!
    Mikä siinä olikin, että piti olla niin yllytyshullu, että lähti mukaan vuoden mittaiseen lankalakkoon :P

    Ja pipo vaikuttaa mukavalta.

  10. Samma - kaheli mikä kaheli. :D

    Pipo on ihana, jos mä pääsen kouluun, mä käytän sitä joka päivä. :)