Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quickest cowl *ever*

Remember that cowl I told you I started yesterday? The Guy Next Door Cowl? Yeah, well, I finished it. :) Yep, you read that right, I finished it! I can't remember when I last went from WIP to FO in 24 hours. So at least I've gotten something done during this Christmas "vacation". I really liked this pattern, it was easily memorized, but not boring. I knit most of it while watching Stargate last night. I decided to divide the stitches and knit two.. watchamacallits.. "flaps", one for the front and one for the back, to protect the neck area even better. (as suggested by Suvi from 50 villapeikkoa.) Because knowing my 7yo, knitting just the cowl without the flaps wouldn't have worked. And hey, he liked it, so it's an instant success. :)
I think the cowl would have been long enough even if I'd knit one repeat less of the pattern, but maybe it's warmer as it curls up on the neck more. And I only now noticed that the suggested needle size is 3,75mm, I used 5mm. I don't even want to think about how small the cowl would have been, if I'd used the suggested needle size. And I thought I was knitting this looosely. Oh well, at least it turned out perfect for the 7yo. :)
Pattern: The Guy Next Door Cowl by Devin Fredrickson (ravel it)
Yarn: Cascade 220, white (it looks off-white in the pic, but it's a pure white)
Needle size: 5mm

Now I just have a dilemma.. What should I knit next? This never happens to me.


  1. Näyttää lämpimältä! Ja onnea nopeasta FO:sta! :)) mullakaan ei ole mitään kesken tällä hetkellä, mitäköhän sitä neulois...

  2. Kiitti, toivottavasti ei kutita. Pojalla on kylläkin samasta langasta tehty puserokin, eikä se oo valittanu että se kutiais, joten toivottavasti ei tääkään.

    Mä en osannu istua sohvalla kattomassa leffaa ilman että käsillä oli jotain tekemistä, joten aloitin villasukkien teon. En vielä tiedä minkälaiset teen, mutta ribin voi tehdä ilman sen suurempia suunnitelmia. :) Pitää varmaan mennä Ravlryyn selaamaan suosikkeja, josko sieltä vaikka tulis jotain kivaa vastaan. :)

  3. Good for you!!! Glad he likes it...because he looks so enthused in the pic :). Wait, I know that look. It's got to be a TV/DVD/Video game induced coma!

  4. Amybel - thanks! :) And yes, he was in a video game induced coma. :D I think he was playing his new Playstation car game.