Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chrissie pressies!

Whee, I've finished a few Christmas presents! Yay for me! :) Let's start with the tunic, it's for an 8yo girl, I really hope she'll like it. I think it turned out cute, but I'm biased. :)
Pattern: Ottobre 1/2009
Size: 134 cm
Fabric: something from the bargain bin :)

I learned new things when making this tunic, like making a (what was the real word for this?) cleft, which was something I had huge problems with. The magazine had instructions on how to make "an easy cleft", and it really was everything but easy. I started making it in my sewing class, and asked my teacher for help, thinking she'd know how to do it. Well, I was wrong. We probably spent half an hour trying to figure out what part went where and what to sew next. Pah. It might be sewn together wrong, but at least it looks ok. :)

Next we have two knitted toys, first the mooonsteeeeer I've shown you before. Here he is, all finished, waiting to be given to his new 5yo owner. :)
Pattern: Abigail the Middle-sized Monster, from Mombot Companion
Size: kinda small :)
Yarn: some Kool-Aid dyed old stuff

And another toy, a teeny tiny Hello Kitty, for a one-and-a-half-year-old. The ears are in the wrong place, but I doubt the recipient will notice that. ;) I knit this in the round, not flat as the pattern said. I'm just not a big fan of seams, and try to avoid them as best I can.
Pattern: Hello Kitty Look-a-Like, by Valerie Powell
Size: tiny
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly

That's it for now, I still have to finish the shirt for the 5yo, and the raglan dress for the younger sister. I'm working on the button holes of the shirt now. Oh, how I love those button holes.. Ugh.


  1. Hienoja :)

    cleft -> tarkoitatko tuota etunappilistaa? Ottobren ohje on surkeasti selitetty. Mulla on jossain tosi hyvä ohje tohon, voisin sen sulle kaivaa. Ai niin ja munhan piti ne kaavoitusohjeetkin laittaa.... huoooono muisti, anteeksi :))

  2. Susanna - kiitos! Joo, tarkoitan tuota nappilistaa, mä en tiedä mikä oikee englanninkielinen sana sille on. Ja se Ottobren ohje oli tosissaan ihan.. no, suoraan sanottuna persiistä.