Saturday, December 26, 2009

Easy peasy raglan dress, how I love thee, let me count the ways..

Ok, ok, so this one turned out a bit too big, but it's still cute. :) The pattern is the same basic raglan pattern I've used before for the tiny one, I just made this one a bit bigger. Because, well, you know, the tiny one has grown. :) I love this Christmas fabric by Michael Miller, that I bought in Eurokangas. It's just so bright and cheerful that I had to make something for the tiny one with it. I decided that a simple raglan dress would be my best bet.
The tiny one sends her sincerest apologies for no looking her best today, she's running a bit of a fever, so that's why she's looking a bit tired.

I also made a pair of new legwarmers for the 5yo, she chose the yarn and color herself. The yarn is Nalle by Novita and it has been Kool-Aid dyed by me. The pic is utterly crappy, but it actually shows off the color correctly. Which was quite surprising to me. I made these with a simple 2x2 rib, with 1x1 ribbing for the top.
And I've started on a cowl for the 7yo, as he doesn't want to wear scarves nowadays. Weird kid. Anyway, the pattern is The Guy Next Door Cowl by Devin Fredrickson (ravel it), and I'm making it in a plain white Cascade 220. I just have to figure out how to make the bottom, because I would like for it to be wider at the bottom, so that it would cover the collar area better. I was thinking about adding some stitches and then maybe doing some ribbing, maybe 3x1 or something.. We'll see what I do when I get that far. :)


  1. Nätti mekko! :)
    Jos kauluriin ei saa suosiolla kuvion väliin lisäsilmukoita, niin sen voi jakaa etu- ja takakipaleeseen ja neuloa ne erikseen. Sillä tavalla tulee kaulus kuitenkin peitettyä.

  2. Kiitos! Mä itse asiassa ajattelin tuota jakamista kans, voip olla että mä teen sen niin. Pitää nyt kattoa. :)

  3. Oikein hyvää alkanutta vuotta!