Sunday, January 17, 2010

I've been really busy lately..

Unfortunately, I've been busy with work, not with anything fun. So the only thing I've knit in the past couple of weeks is a pair of teent mittens for the tiny one. I knit them tith Malabrigo worsted, and they're sooo soft. I want a pair for myself too. :) I can't believe that the only thing I've knit for myself with Malabrigo is a Calorimetry.. Hmm, I must rectify that soon.
I do have three dresses that are almost finished, let's hope I'll have time to finish them soon. :) Two of them are for the shop, so I'll finally have some new clothes to list too. And talking about the shop, I have been dyeing new yarns and I'll be listing them as soon as I get them reskeined and photographed. There's lots of bright stuff on the way, like this green yarn for example. :)
Plus I've got some brown yarn, brightbrightbright pink and more green. New stuff is on its way. :)


  1. Gogreous green, I love it. The tiny one is very lucky to have Malabrigo mittens!

  2. The mittens look very comfy! I hope you find time to make yourself a pair!

  3. Malabrigo is so yummy, I want more of it, lots more! :)