Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, ok, enough of this already!

Now don't get me wrong, I love Winter as much as the next guy, but I'm getting a wee bit tired of this snow already. Seriously, it's everywhere! And there's so much of it! I just spent an hour and a half plowing our yard and driveway. This is the view down toward the road
There's just an insane amount of snow everywhere. I feel sorry for my poor appletrees, their branches are almost down to the ground because of all the weight of the snow.
And like I said, there's snow everywhere
And to prove that I have been knitting too, I finished the Diamondback Mitts! They did turn out a bit too tight, but I wet them after they were finished and stretched them out, and now they fit me perfectly. :) I just love them, now if the temperature just stayed like this (it's about -4C today) I could actually wear them too. :) The -20c we've been having lately is just a teeny tiny bit too cold for fingerless mitts. Here's a very professional looking photo of one of the finished mitts. :)
Pattern: Diamondback Mitts by Stephen West (ravel it)
Yarn: Cascade 220 in White and some of my own hand dyed Sandnes Garn Perfect
Needles: 4mm (altho I really have used 4,5mm)

I'll probably finish the Noro socks today, and then I'm going to cast on a sweater, for me. Imagine that. I haven't quite decided on which sweater, I have a few to choose from.. Stay tuned! :)


  1. They are adorable. Love the diamond pattern. I'm with you on the snow. We've only had it for four days and already I'm saying enough.

  2. I guess you do have a lot of snow! It is good for tiring out the kidsters though!

  3. Diana - we've had a very wintry Winter this year, with snow for about two months now. It's getting old already.

    Amybel - yup, *lots* of snow! Lots and lots and lots! With any luck, it will melt away by, oh, August.. I only wish the kids would love it, but I think they've had enough already too. I have to force them to go outside, and when they do, they just stand around going "I don't have anything to doooo." Oy.

  4. Les petits oiseaux ont du faire une drôle de gueule quand ils ont découvert leur maison !

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