Saturday, April 3, 2010

I finished the kneehighs, wahoo!

Ok, so it took me almost two months (!!!) to finish them, but now they're done. Done, I say, DONE! And I love them, I do, I really, really do. I have no idea when and where I'll wear them, but at least I now have a pair to wear when the mood strikes me. :) Actually, now I need to finish the skirt I'm making, so that I can wear the kneehighs paired with the skirt. (And then I need to make the second skirt too, so that I'll have two skirts to chose from.) And after all this blabber, here are the socks
See, aren't they cute? :) Let's pretend that nobody notices that my calves are very thick, and that I really should have added a few more stitches at the top. But at least now they stay up. And I've noticed with my other Noro socks that the yarn stretches out a bit, so it's just as well that they're a bit tight now.

I used 145 grams to make these, so I have a little over half a skein left. So I could easily make a pair of kiddie socks with the leftovers. Altho I was kinda thinking about making a hat.. We'll see what I end up using the leftovers for. But see, aren't my kneehighs cute? ;)
I realized the other day that I've forgotten to show you the finished pair of striped sockies I made for the tiny one, and they've been finished for weeks now. I really should have made them a bit bigger, both wider and longer, but they'll do. I can always make another pair. :)
Maybe now I need to knit something else than Noro striped socks?


  1. Really lovely socks. I would like to wear them too.

  2. The knee highs look awesome! I can't wait to see them with your skirt! :)

  3. Jei! Hyvä sinä! Sukista tuli hienot!

  4. Amoena - thanks!

    Dorothy - thank you very muchly! :)

    villapeikko - jei! Kauan siinä meni, mutta sain kuin sainkin valmiiks. :)

  5. Hippy - I need some happy in my life right now..

  6. Beautiful!!! I love them! I think I'll be making some soon ;) The little ones are very cute too!

  7. Alexandra - thanks! I can't wait to see your kneehighs too. :)