Monday, April 26, 2010

How long does it take..

..for a wannabee-seamstress to sew a pin cushion? You would think that the answer would be, umm, about ten minutes, right? Wrong. The correct answer, in my case, is about two months. How utterly embarrassing. I started to make this in February, right after school started, and I just got round to finishing it today. But at least I finally have a pincushion that I can wear on my arm, whoopdedoo. Now I need to make another one, for my other pins. So if I start now, I should have it finished by the time we go back to school in August, right?

Anyway, here's the finished pin cushion
The darling oldest fruit of my loins asked me why I put skulls on everything? I told him he was just jealous, because he'd love skulls on all of his stuff too. :)

I sewed a simple elastic band on the pin cushion, so that I can easily get it over my wrist. It's not the prettiest thing, but it does the job.


  1. Hey! You just gave me some inspiration for my first independent sewing project! I definitely need a pin cushion since I don't have on yet! My mom gave me her old sewing machine, and I already have it here, but the plug needs to be changed so it matches our sockets. I can't wait!

  2. There aren't skulls on everything. You didn't put them on those lovely curtains. Oh no, I just gave you an idea!

  3. Oi, en yleensä ole pääkallofani mutta tämä kangas on aivan mahtava! :D Mukavan ompeluhenkinen. :)

  4. Me hearts sewy skulls!
    And holy F! You had a cancer scare! So glad the biopsy turned out good. Mother and father of whiews!

  5. Amoena - can't wait to see your pin cushion!

    Amybel - maybe I'd like the curtains better if they *did* have skulls on them.. :D But I doubt that the other people who live in this house would agree to having skull curtains in the living room.

    Elios - toi kangas on ihanuutta! Harmi etten mä löydä sitä lisää enää mistään.

    WeirdRockStar - me heart sewy skulls vevvy, vevvy much too! :) Cancer scares suck, but I'm out of the woods for now. Still have to go get checked once a year until the end of my days tho.

  6. Better to get checked than have a shitty situation ahead.

  7. That's the type of * pelote* we where making to work in shops windows, as décoratrice.

    Cou cou from Lausanne, in Switzerland-