Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yay for instant gratification projects!

If there's something I love in this world, it's knitting projects that just about knit themselves and get done in notime. Like this hat, I cast on for it on Sunday, knit about twenty rows or so, tried it on the tiny one and realized that it was way too small. So I frogged it and cast on a few more stitches. I didn't have time to knit for more than a few rows, so I had to continue the next day, and yesterday I was done. And now the tiny one has a new hat. It's still a bit too chilly for her to wear it, as the yarn is a cotton blend.


The yarn is Cotton Kapok DK, by Sublime Yarns. It's wonderfully soft, altho quite splitty. Knitting this honeycomb stitch pattern was a bit annoying, because the yarn kept splitting. But the result is nice. :) You know, I could make myself a hat with the same stitch pattern.. Hmm..

I didn't realize that my decreases at the top ended up looking like a flower, until I saw the tiny one wearing the hat. But it kinda does, see
And finally a couple more photos, just because the tiny one is so very cute. :)

And one more from the side, here you can see the stitch pattern a bit better


  1. Very cute! It does look like a flower :) Perfect for spring!

  2. Both the girl and the hat are beautiful!

  3. Alexandra and Dorothy - thanks!