Friday, April 16, 2010

Let me introduce

the first items of clothing I've made for the school store. I absolutely love how these turned out, but good grief all the pain and anguish we've gone thru this week to actually get these finished in time. This was a group project, there were four of us in my group, we all made the same clothes, just in different sizes. And I do believe that we were just a wee bit too ambitious when designing these, because they really took a long time to make. We got to start the sewing on Monday, and the clothes should have been finished by Wednesday, and we had to spend two extra days at school in order to get our clothes done. And we're talking abou two items of clothing, a sleeveless hoodie and a pair of jeans. I kinda wish our teacher had told us to rethink our designs and make simpler versions of them, but, like I said, they look great now that they're done, so I can't really complain. Well, I can, because we really did have a way too tight schedule in making these, and that's really not our own fault. (oh, by the way, I've had a wee bit of wine before writing this, so please excuse me for maybe being incoherent in places..)

Annnywaaay, where was I.. Oh yes, the clothes I've made, here's a photo of the set we made (I didn't really have much to do with the designing of the items, I was at home with a sick kid when they had made the designs.)
I'm soso happy with how these turned out, even if sewing them was a pain in the, you know, butt. Here's a photo of what the big table in our classroom looked like today when we were starting to draw up the "product cards". Luckily we were the only ones there, because we were kind of spread out . :D
And to finish off for today, some close-ups of the clothes


  1. Hieno setti, hyvähyvä! :)) Toi raitakangas on ihana, raidat ovat heikkouteni muutenkin.

  2. Wow Nina!!! They're amazing! Congratulations! :)

  3. villapeikko - kiitos! :) Mua vaan vähän jänskättää että miten noi kankaat sitten pesussa reagoi, kun noita kankaita ei kuitenkaan oo esipesty..

    Alexandra - thanks, our whole group is very proud. :)

    Amybel - thanks! I think so too. ;)

  4. Cou cou.

    I pass * en coup de vent*. Very busy preparing an exibiition with my necklaces.
    Béatrice de lausanne.

  5. Béatrice - good luck with your exhibition!

  6. Hienon näköiset! Milloinkas noita saa ostaa? :D

  7. Matuni - kiitti! Noi tulee varmaan ens viikolla myyntiin koulun kauppaan. ;) Mutta mullahan on kaavat niihin..