Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You know, this sucks

Remember my green socks-turned-mittens? No, you probably don't, because I wrote about them over a year ago, and never mentioned them again. Well, I finished one of the mittens ages ago (except for the thumb) and started working on the second mitten. I got about halfway thru the cuff on the second one, when I got tired of them. So I threw them in a basket, where they lay until about a month ago. I finished the second mitten, thumb and all, and thought I'd finishe the second mitten too. But then I took my three-week break from knitting, and guess what? I can't find that thumbless mitten anywhere. It's nowhere to be found. Argh. I'm starting to think that the mittens are cursed, and I'm just not supposed to finish them. Ever. Hmph.

And in other news, I started knitting again. I started working on the Alina shawl (rav link), because I thought it would fit the theme for the month. The shawl was designed by a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the pattern was released on the day of her surgery. And since I'm going to have breast surgery myself in a couple of weeks, I thought that now would be as good a time as any to finally knit the shawl. (And yes, I realize that I haven't mentioned anything about having breast surgery before, I just haven't found a good time for it.) My shawl won't be that big, because I'm using pretty thick yarn, but it's looking pretty so far. :) I don't have any pictures, you'll probably have to wait until the shawl is finished and blocked. :P

And just because blog posts without any pictures are boring, I'll show you a picture of a tunic I made in school. (and yes, I know I'd need to have the customers approval to show this picture online, but as the customer is a friend of mine, I'm sure she won't mind. :P ) In this pic the buttons are missing, I'll show you close-ups of those when I get round to taking them..

ainiin. ps. VILLAPALLO!


  1. I wish you all the best for your surgery. The Alina shawl looks pretty!


  2. I love the tunic! I'll be praying that your surgery goes smoothly!

  3. I hope you're doing ok. Good wishes for a speedy recovery and a sock-mitten discovery.

  4. Damn, that´s scary... Best of luck! HEALINGS!