Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still no knittin' goin' on

But I did sew a skirt for the middle kid. She asked for a skirt waaay before Christmas, but I only got round to making it a couple weeks ago. She chose the fabrics and I sewed it up. It looks bright and cheerful! :)
There's nothing new on the knitting-front, I'm on my third week of non-knitting, and I think I might just as well give in and start knitting again. See, my reasoning is, that if I haven't knit a stitch in over two weeks, and my thumbs haven't gotten any better, then it wasn't knitting that made the thumbs sore in the first place. And I can just as well start knitting again. I'm tired of sitting around and doing nothing all evening. Bah. So next time I might actually have something knitted to show you. ;) (Or I might show you the skirt and vest I made myself, I just have to get them photographed first..)


  1. A very retro and a very fab skirt?

    Pssst... there is a bookcase meme over at my blog, and I´d really like you to join. I didn´t name anybody especially ( since I feel like it might be interfering in the wrong way ) but...
    Inneresting peeps are bound to be inneresting.

  2. The skirt is adorable! I need to start sewing more. Maybe after I finish this cable sweater.

    I'm sorry your thumbs still hurt!

  3. WeirdRockStar - Waah, I don't have a bookcase! Does bookshelf count? :D

    Dorothy - the good thing about sewing little girls skirts is that they're very easy to make, and take virtually no time at all. :)

  4. Very cute skirt! I love the fabric! So sorry your hands aren't better yet. My wrist is still hurting a little, but I'm knitting again - very slowly. I couldn't stand sitting and not knitting either! :)

  5. Well, not possible to do everything together.
    Do you think I can do all in one, no !!! I am sawing to. Have problems to have decoration stoff samples. They are giving away to schools. Zut !

  6. Well of course a bookshelf will count, dearest!