Monday, January 10, 2011

First two for 2011

Well, um, apparently I don't have that much to say, so I'll just show you my latest FOs, a pair of plain old mittens (made with not-so-plain-old-Noro-yarn), that are too big for me, and a slouchy hat (made with Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn). The hat started out as the Sockhead hat, but I only used the amount of cast-on stitches from the original pattern. And after casting on, I just ignored the pattern, and made the hat the way I wanted it. :)

Dunno when I'll have any more knits to show off, I have to take a break from knitting, because both my thumbs are crazy sore. My right thumb has been sore for, oh, two months or so, but now my left thumb is sore too. Oh poo. I'm thinking of taking a one-week break to start with, and we'll see if the thumbs get any better. I'm two days into this first week, and I'm going bonkers. How anyone can sit around and watch TV without doing anything with their hands is beyond me. And those of you who would want to do something, and can't, you have my deepest sympathies.


  1. Love that Noro yarn - hope you find someone who can fit into the mittens, or maybe you could felt them??

  2. The hat looks great, I think it has the perfect amount of slouch! The Noro colors are lovely, what a shame the mittens are too big :(

    I'm taking a knitting break today and maybe tomorrow too - my wrist hurts from too much weekend knitting. Not even one day and I'm going crazy!!! I hope you feel better and get back to your knitting soon!

  3. Is it even possible to just sit and watch tv without doing anything else? I've never tried it.

  4. torirot - I actually thought about felting the mittens, I'm just afraid that they'll felt too much, because they're just that much too big. Oh well, I'll probably wear them anyway. :)

    Alexandra - having to take a break from knitting is just the stupidest thing ever. What's worse, my thumbs aren't any better, eventho I haven't knit a stitch in four days. Pah.

    Amybel - I've been painting my nails a lot lately..

  5. Symphaties both ways it is, then.
    I actually thought of felting too. By the way, adorable mittens! I love the texture in Noro, but being the pathological sourpuss I dread of all the colors - on me. But I love how it looks. Vigorously knitting through these blogs, you see. All righty. What I was saying? Felting! Yes. What if you felt them by hand in warm soapy water? That way you´d be able to control the amount they felt and it really doesn´t take much time, at all. Back in the days the old folks used to knit double layers in mittens. That way, as the kids played with the mits in snow, the layers would melt into one thick layer. Just to give you an idea.
    May the power walk with you during these knit- free days!

  6. Des petites laines * very usefull in very cold Prague that you can see now on the blog.
    Is that very cold in your country by now ?

  7. You can see aswell some *bérets* on *Les tricots.... *
    Keep well being creativ.

  8. WeirdRockStar - I might just have to try hand-felting the mittens. (If I can find them, I left them outside to try snowfelting, and now I'm not so sure where I left them. XD ) May the power be with you as well. ♥

    Beatrice - it hasn't been that cold here lately, today it was +2C and raining.

  9. Just wait the snow felt (Fondre ). Knit again a par