Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh my, I've been productive

Honestly, I have been. I've sewn two dresses and a skirt for the middle kid. And she'd better wear them! The first dress and the skirt she picked the fabric for herself and the second dress I made without asking her opinion. You've actually seen the dress once before, months ago, when I still thought it was going to be a skirt for me. But I decided long ago that I didn't like the hem, and couldn't figure out what to do with it. Until the other day, when I had an epiphany, and decided to make it into a dress for the older girl. Hah, and a cute dress it became. ;) See

I should have made the straps longer, but it'll do the way it is. Maybe I'll make them longer at some point, if the kid actually wears the dress..

The other dress I made is a simple raglan, with a couple hearts on the front. Turned out kinda cute. :)
I was going to use the fish fabric for a summer dress for the tiny one, but thought that it fit perfectly together with the green fabric that the girl chose herself, so I used it for this instead. Last, but not least, I made an owl skirt, a very simple one, with a bit of ruffle and elastic band at the waist.
And as proof that I've been knitting too, here's a pic of my February Lady Sweater. I finally picked it up, after a very long break. Just in time for the worst heat wave we've had in years. Because what's better that sitting with a big, warm sweater in your lap when it's 30 degrees outside (Celcius, that is.) All I can say is thank the gods for air conditioning! I've been knitting on this for what seems like forever and it just doesn't seem to get any longer, I still have about eight centimeters to go, before starting the garter stitch. This is going to be quite big, so I really hope that it shrinks in the wash, which it should do, otherwise I'll have a sweater that's way too big for me.
See, told ya I've been productive. ;)


  1. The dresses and skirt are adorable! Good luck with your FLS!

  2. Dorothy - thank you very much! (I'm getting quite bored with the FLS already, apparently I shouldn't even try to knit myself anything bigger than a hat.)