Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's bloody hot around here

I'm going to melt into a puddle soon. But despite that fact, I've finished the tiny one's hoodie and sewn myself a dress! How about that for being effective? ;) The hoodie gave me much trouble, I don't know if the problem is that I just don't understand the written word, if the pattern is badly written or if it's just badly translated, but I really had no idea what I was supposed to be doing where in the pattern. So that's why my version probably looks a bit different that it's supposed to look. :D Oh well, it's still cute. The part I had most problems with was the hood, I just didn't understand how to knit it, not even a browse thru FOs on Ravelry made me any wiser, so I know that my hood looks very different than the original, but I'm going to call that a design feature. :)
Pattern: Cabled Cardigan and Hoodie from Sirdar 347, Ooh La la
Yarn: Sirdar Calico in Pink Silk
Needles: umm, I'm not sure, 5mm I think..

Oh bugger, now what'd I do.. I wrote a long thing about the dress I made myself, but then I managed to delete it. D'uh! Anyways, the fabric is by Amy Butler, from Hawthorne Threads. We got a basic dress pattern from school, that I modified lots in order to get this dress. I think it looks ok, altho the color is so not me.

Note to self: go on diet, and learn better poses.


  1. The hoodie came out great! I haven't seen what it's "supposed" to look like, as you say but even if I did I'm sure I would say the same thing. And the dress fits you well and suits your body type, your sewing skills are excellent! So I'd say that it's a win also! But you do make me laugh :).

  2. The hoodie is AMAZING! It looks great! And the dress is gorgeous!

  3. No neiti ainakin näyttää tyytyväiseltä :)

  4. Ihana huppari! Ja mekko on hieno, istuu hyvin!

  5. Nätti huppari ja kaunis, istuva mekko; sä mitään dieettejä tarvitse! :)

  6. The hoodie is lovely. I wouldn't worry about the hood. I think it looks perfect. I love the dress too.

  7. The hoodie came out just right. And I bet nobody knows it is supposed to look different.

  8. Amybel - thank you very much! I forgot to add the link to the pattern page on Ravelry in my original post, but I added it in afterwards.

    Dorothy - thanks! I wore the dress out in public for the first time today, and it actually fits very well, and looks pretty nice too. :)

    Nunt - neiti näyttää yleensä aina tyytyväiseltä tutti suussa. ;)

    villapeikko - kiitti, mekkoa saikin vääntää ees sun taas että sain sen istumaan. :)

    Äiti-puffa - kaunis kiitos, mutta kyllä mä itse asiassa tarttisin dieettiä. :)

    Where the nodding violets grow - thanks, and I'm not that worried about the hood, I think it's cute just the way it is. :)

    Siga - that's the good thing about hand-knits, people rarely know what the finished item is *supposed* to look like. :)

  9. So nice of the little one to pose for you in the hoodie despite the heat - she obviously likes it then! So you've got nothing to worry about, regarding how it's "supposed to" look ;)

  10. fridica - I took the photos in the morning, and it's really quite cold in our house in the mornings, so I had no problems in getting the tiny one to try the hoodie on. :) We have the air-conditioning on all night, so the living room is really chilly in the morning, before the sun comes up.