Sunday, July 25, 2010

First pants with a zipper I've ever sewn

Shorts count as pants, right? Well, in this case they do. I've never sewn a zipper in pants before, so I was a bit uncertain about how to go about it. I tried reading the instructions, but didn't understand any of them, so I decided to just go ahead and sew the zipper in without thinking too much about it. And it ended up just fine. :) For some reason I'm having huge difficulties with written instructions these days, don't know what that's all about.. Anyway, here are my new shorts, I found this fabric (like so many times before) in the discount section of the fabric store and just had to have it. It was love at first sight. :) And just look at that pose! :D (and yes, you can see my pink crocs again..)
The pattern is just a basic bermuda short with pockets and waist band.

Oh, umm, huh, I haven't sewn on the buttons yet.. Oops. :)

Pattern: Sortsit from Suuri Käsityö 7/2010
Fabric: some pre-cut JoAnn's fabric from Eurokangas

Love these!

I also made a new dpn roll, with a matching small project bag, as a request. I think they turned out very cute. :)


  1. I'm not surprised by the skulls!

  2. Amybel - really? You're not? Darn, I'm becoming predictable. :D