Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not a whole lot going on here

I have no idea where all my energy has gone, I just feel like sleeping all the time. Ok, so I'm just getting over a stupid cold which has drained some of my energy, and I've got a sick kid at home, but still, this tiredness is insane. So, I haven't gotten a whole lot done lately, but I thought I'd show you a couple WIPs.

Let's start with a small sock. The tiny one is amazingly good at misplacing all her wooly socks, and she's lost yet another sock. So now she has to wear socks that are either too small or too big, so I just had to start making her a new pair. And as I happen to have lots of the Noro sock yarn left over from my own socks, I decided to make the tiny one her very own pair of Noro striped socks. :) I have the first one finished. I know it looks very, very small, but the kid isn't that big either. :)
And this pile of fabric here will become a skirt for me one of these days. Oh, the color is so much off, that it's not even funny.
Oh, I do have an FO too, this is the first thing I've sewn for school. The very first days we just practiced sewing different seams, but then we finally got to sew some actual fabric, whee! :) The first thing we made was a bag for ourself, that we had to design and draw up the pattern for. The only thing was that we had to use all the different seams we had practiced when making the bag. Here's mine
I kinda love it. :) The back of the back looks basically the same, there's just no pocket on the back. Now we're back to practicing different techniques, tomorrow we get to use the school's embroidery machine again. It's really cool, I want one for myself. :D I'll show you later on what I embroidered, I'm going to embroider a text on that bag.

And in case anybody is interested, here are a few pictures of what we've been doing at school. We've practiced making technical drawings and such. I'm really crap at drawing, altho I've been told that my drawings aren't that bad. :) And I'm sure the drawings will get better as I get more practice, right now I'm not too impressed with how my drawings look.


  1. Ihana kassi!
    Pöllöt on sulkkuja :)

  2. Samma - kiitti! Pöllöt on ihan parhaita! :)

    Amybel - teeheehee, *sew* exciting. :)