Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wahoo, I finished one of my Ravelympic projects!

Me so happy now. :) So happy, in fact, that I'm not even sad that I'm not going to finish the socks in time. This was my primary project anyway, so the important thing is that I finished it. And with it I of course mean the Snapdragon Tam. I'm kind of in love with it. :)
Please note how well the green goes together with my carrot-colored hair. ;) I decided that I wanted a change from the dark brown I've been sporting for a while now, and went a bit crazy with the color remover. :D And eventho I put another color on after removing the old color, I still ended up looking like I'm related to a carrot. But I kinda like it. :) And just for the heck of it, here's a better pic of my hair. :P
Aaand now back to the subject at hand, my new tam. It grew an insane amount when I blocked it, I was going to block it over a dinner plate, but realized that I don't have any plates that are big enough. :O So I just kinda had to stretch it out a bit and lay it on a towel to dry. It ended up being really slouchy, but I like my hats that way. :)

Oh, the specs..
Pattern: Snapdragon Tam by Ysolda Teague (ravel it)
Yarn: Madelinetosh DK in Seaglass
Needles: 4,5mm (I could very well have used 4mm)

I was going to post this pic
but luckily I noticed how horrible I look in it, without any make up on whatsoever. Oh, wait, did I post it anyway? Oops, sorry. :P In order to give your eyes a chance to recover, let's end with a pic of just the tam, without me.


  1. You, the hat, and your hair look gorgeous!

  2. I love it, and the pictures too! It's fun to see bloggers in their own elements. I rarely post pictures of myself for the same reasons you mention so I know how you must be feeling about "putting yourself out there". Yay!

  3. Dorothy - thank you, that's very sweet. :)

    Amybel - I hate having my picture taken at all, for any reason. And posting a photo of myself on the internet, wearing no make up? That's enough to cause a minor panic attack. Ugh. But I survived. But you won't be seeing any more pictures of me in the near future. I prefer posting pics of my kids, they're *much* cuter. :)