Thursday, February 25, 2010

I made the tiny one a new shirt

But you'll kinda just have to take my word for it, because I couldn't get a single decent shot of her wearing it. Instead I'll show you what kinds of photos I did get. Here we go.

Brilliant photos, dont'cha think? Hah!

And on another note, I'm so not going to finish my Ravelympics projects. Oh well, I'm doing just about as well as the Finnish team in the real Olympics, so I'm not too bothered. :) I'm about halfway thru the Snapdragon tam, and I've finished one of the kneehighs. I'm going to try to finish the tam, because it was my primary project for the Ravelympics anyway. I still have a few days left. :)


  1. The girl is adorable, and her shirt looks great!

  2. These socks are my favorites

    Béatrice de Lausanne

  3. I never did a beret with a rond needle. That's an idea.

  4. Beatrice - I love the socks too, now I just need to finish them. :) Knitting a hat with round needles is so much easier than using DPNs, I highly recommend trying it.