Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skulls, skulls, skulls

When you start a new thing, like, say, school, you really do need new bags and pouches and things to carry all your new stuff around in. Because, you know, I have to start carrying around scissors and pens and books and notebooks and waaah, all sorts of stuff now that school starts. Plus I definitely need a new bag, a big bag. So I made myself some new carry-along-thingies, no point in buying new stuff, when you can sew everything you need yourself. :) Let's start with the bag. It's big, bordering on huge. And it's black, a thick indian cotton. So I had to spice it up a bit. And here we come to the first skull, it's a big one, and I'm totally in love with it. Oh, I didn't take a pic, but the lining fabric is a very bright pink cotton. For some reason I couldn't get the colors right, but they look right in this next pic.
Pretty cool, huh? Aaand moving on.. I also made two pouches, one for my pens and the other for my sewing accessories (needles, scissors, measuring tape..), using my very cool Michael Miller skull-fabric. Btw, I can't find this fabric anywhere anymore, so if anyone happens to know where I can get some please, please, let me know!
I should have made these a bit bigger, especially the one for the pens, because I can't fit everything in there. How embarrassing. Oh well, I can always make another one. :)

ps. I just might have made two pouches for the shop too. ;)


  1. Hope you find more, because that skull and scissor crossbones fabric IS cool!

  2. Maybe you'll find some customers at school! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Amybel - I can't find that fabric *anywhere*! Waah! I 've looked thru Etsy and Artfire and Ebay and everywhere else I can think of. I think I'll go sit in the corner and sob for a while.

    Dorothy - Thanks!